Individual, like the regional Products

RTK CLUE is a network of any desired number of RTK base stations. Therefore not a single RTK CLUE Cluster is like another. Each cluster is unique, just like the soils and products of a farmer from a certain region. The fact that regional providers supply users with high-precision RTK correction data in their region based on individual conditions, applies to all RTK CLUE users.

Wherever the map is shaded grey, RTK CLUE is already provided and in use.

When your mouse hovers over the map, single RTK CLUE clusters appear highlighted in color. When clicking the mouse over a cluster, the cluster specific contact person and contact data will be displayed. If this is not the case for your desired RTK CLUE cluster, please contact us.

RTK CLUE Planner

By entering an address in the text box, a base station will be created at the desired location in the RTK CLUE Planner. The created base can randomly be moved with the mouse. With the given button or by double-clicking on the map additional base stations can be created. The base station that was added last can be removed by using the switch area.

Try and plan freely according to your needs and become a RTK CLUE Provider yourself.